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Name: Marcia Miller Valvo           

Gender: Female

Age: 39 again, and agin...

Birthday: February 7   

Hometown: Buffalo, NY   

Education: BS, MLS

School: University at Buffalo

Major: Library Science

Minor: Education/Healing Modalities


Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Previous address:

Guadalajara, Mexico

Years in Mexico: Four

Years in San Antonio: Six

Marital Status: Single

Years Married:  19

Children: None but the

dozens from the library,

and puppet mascot Molly.


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Your bubbly, energetic, competent and compassionate Massage Therapist and Reconnective Healing Practitioner Marcia Valvo is a former Children’s Librarian who has spent 30 years exploring healing modalities. The push for this knowledge was necessitated by a tick bite in 1979 in the Colorado Rockies, that left her gravely ill and dying for the next 11 years. The litany of symptoms was debilitating and her attempted remedies were varied and expensive. She actually ate lying down for many years, yet managed to take care of herself. She knew with absolute certainty that she was dying, but somehow never lost faith that answers existed. Marcia’s lifelong push to know how to do everything had taken a new direction.

Ten years later when she was finally diagnosed with Chronic Relapsing Tick Fever or Lyme Disease, she was

given numerous drugs including one $4,000

intervenes treatment (quite a price

at the time), none of which worked.

She continued to hope, but wondered where

the answers would come from.

In 1990 she discovered an outlawed energy healing machine that miraculously blasted the bacteria out of her body, but left her with painful residual nerve damage. 

The healing quest continued. She has often said “I would eat cardboard if it would make be feel better!”  Having lost all faith in a magic bullet drug cure, diet and exercise, health and nutrition explorations consumed her time and energy, and she survived. Diagnostic methods such as iridology and Metabolic Typing were combined with such disciplines and healing therapies as herbology (she actually capsuled her own herbs taking as many as 800 capsules per week for many months), and Naturopathic Medicine remedies, Flower Essences, acupuncture, acupressure, crystals, magnets, hydrogen peroxide therapy, Biofeedback, coffee enemas, a raw foods diet, hundreds of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and food-based nutrients, Touch For Health, yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), HoOponopono, and many others kept her going but did not heal core issues.

Energy Medicine seemed a little too peripheral for her scientific mind to accept, although machines generating frequencies, such as an ERG (Earth Resonance Generator),  the Rife Machine, Multi-wave Oscillator, and the remotely applied Sanctuary, the Path to Enlightenment frequencies, did make sense to her, and yielded partial results. But most significantly in all of this, she was never once even remotely interested in BECOMING a healer, because “the” universal answer had not arrived...UNTIL July of 2009, when her hair stood on end as she read about Dr. Eric Pearl’s remarkable healing journey, and she learned that she too could be entrained with the frequencies and heal not only herself, but others.

After a lifelong journey to discover strength and stamina, healing and tranquility, the answer came in one crystal clear moment, and she realized that there has been an evolution of the technologies, and that she had in fact survived long enough to find the real key, one that only a Greater Power or Higher Intelligence could provide, a power beyond what our limited human minds could comprehend previously. And in the process she FINALLY discovered her life’s path and mission: it was performing Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection for her grateful clients. She feels privileged and honored to be able to make to make a powerful difference in the lives of  her friends, family, and special guests. She holds the opportunity to help others as sacred, and knows that the price asked is nothing compared to the great gift imparted through this wonderful work.

“Come see for yourself and be transformed!”

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